Daniela Harding

About Me

Daniela Harding, together with her husband Doug, has found joy in their East Layton community, where they have lived for over fifteen years and raised their three teenagers.  Born to an Austrian father and American mother, her childhood was spent in the cities of Provo and Salt Lake City, respectively.  Her upbringing in Utah, influenced by learning the importance of hard work, fiscal conservatism, and conservative values, has profoundly shaped her worldview and commitment to family and community.



A proud graduate of Granite High School (Go Farmers!), Daniela pursued higher education with determination and excellence. At the University of Utah, she majored in Psychology and minored in German, graduating cum laude. During her university years, she led as the President of Psi Chi, the National Honor Society in Psychology, showcasing her leadership skills and academic dedication.
She also assisted on many projects focused on public health as a Research Assistant at the University of Utah School of Medicine in the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine.

Career and Professional Experience

       After graduation from the University of Utah, Daniela’s career took a diverse path.  She married the love of her life, Douglas and then moved to Houston, Texas. Her love of health and research led her to begin work at Baylor College of Medicine, where she became a Research Assistant at the Baylor Breast Care Center assisting on data collection for one of the largest breast tumor banks in the world. Daniela enjoyed this work immensely but decided to take her side hobby of exercise to the next level and become a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor.

She was hired to work at Hewlett Packard in Houston and began a career in corporate employee wellness where she assisted in helping numerous employees achieve their wellness goals.

     After the birth of her first child, she had the opportunity to become a Licensed Real Estate Appraiser mastering the intricacies of home appraisal, land development, and property rights. Upon returning to Utah, her expertise in real estate appraisal became instrumental in local land development issues, earning her a respected position on the Layton City Planning Commission from 2015-2019.

Corporate Employee Wellness Program Contributions in Texas

Played a pivotal role in a corporate wellness program, significantly aiding employees in achieving wellness and fitness goals.

Service on the Layton City Planning Commission

Served on the Layton City Planning Commission from 2015 to 2019, utilizing her expertise to promote responsible development within Layton City.

Pursuit in Real Estate Appraisal

Pursued a career in real estate appraisal, dedicating over three years and 2000 trainee hours to this field. Gained comprehensive knowledge about market conditions, various types of properties, and the real estate industry

Expertise in Property Rights and Land Development

Competency and skill in home appraisal, land valuation, and property rights.

Return to Utah and Community Involvement

In 2009, Daniela and her family seized the opportunity to return to the Beehive State, and were particularly drawn to the beauty and allure of East Layton, which is now their forever home. Her expertise in real estate appraisal proved invaluable when she assisted a citizens’ coalition in a land development dispute, showcasing her skills and dedication to community interests. Recognized for her talents, she was appointed to the Layton City Planning Commission (2015-2019), where she diligently studied and influenced local development.

Political Involvement and Philosophy

     Inspired by the values and leadership of Ronald Reagan, Daniela Harding has been a lifelong advocate of conservative principles. Her active and influential role in the Davis County Republican Party is marked by a series of leadership positions and significant achievements. Daniela’s steadfast commitment to conservative values is evident in her advocacy and action in her two terms as Chair of the Davis County Republican Party. Her approach is marked by genuine dedication and a focus on practical solutions over political theatrics, always aiming to faithfully represent, safeguard, and promote the interests of the constituents of House District 16.

Leadership Roles in the Davis County Republican Party

Daniela has served in significant positions within the Davis County Republican Party (DCRP), serving as a county and state delegate, Legislative Chair for House District 16 and as the DCRP Chair for 2 terms, showcasing her leadership to and commitment to GOP principles and values.

Fundraising Successes

During her tenure in leadership roles, Daniela successfully guided the Davis County Republican Party to notable fundraising achievements, demonstrating her capability in mobilizing resources and support for the party’s initiatives. Under her leadership, the DCRP was able to contribute approximately $83,000 over 4 years to county GOP candidates in order to keep Davis County solidly RED!

Advocacy in the Utah House of Representatives

In her political role, Daniela is dedicated to advocating for key conservative issues such as protecting religious freedoms, defending the Second Amendment, upholding family values, and preserving private property rights, reflecting her deep commitment to conservative principles and to the constituents of House District 16.

Community Impact

Daniela’s passion extends beyond politics into making tangible differences in her community. Her involvement in various local initiatives reflects her dedication to not only representing her constituents but also actively engaging in efforts that directly benefit them. Her commitment to public service is a testament to her belief in being a hands-on leader who leads by example.

Future Aspirations

In the Utah House of Representatives, Daniela is committed to championing core conservative principles. She advocates for protecting religious freedoms, staunchly defending the Second Amendment, upholding family values, and opposing the abortion agenda. Her fight against big government and unwelcome mandates is central to her mission to represent everyday Utahns. With her comprehensive background in real estate, she is a fervent advocate for private property rights and the preservation of Utah’s open spaces and farms.